Scheduled down time for 21 May 2015 @ 1am - 2am

We're upgrading some of our hardware to keep up with the demand. To this end we've scheduled the upgrade to happen at 1am and expect to be down for 30mins to an hour. This upgrade should be completely transparant to you. All of your data, settings, IP addresses, domains, emails, SSL certificates, etc. will be exactly as they were prior to the ... Read More »

20th May 2015
ZACR System Maintenance 11 November 2014 @ 07h00-08h00

On 11 November 2014 07:00 SAST the ZACR will be performing Registry system maintenance. Services may experience intermittent connectivity issues at this time, downtime should not exceed 1 hour.   The following services will be affected:   EPP Servers Whois (RDDS) Servers This maintenance period is in ... Read More »

6th Nov 2014
Cheapest Email guaranteed!

Woot! Woot! R9/month for e-mail boxes at! 2Gb per mailbox. How many mailboxes? as many as you want! Perfect for starters!

Need to mail your in bulk? We can help you here too! For only R10/mailbox we'll migrate your mail from any where to any where!

28th Jul 2014
Switching on PayPal

Tired of having to pay those monthly hosting invoices? Don't want to make a lump payment with "Add Funds"? well, PayPal is here to save the day! Make a payment with PayPal and we'll be able to automatically renew your domain or clear your hosting! Woot woot!

4th Apr 2014 brings you backups!

Backups Every day of the week, your entire account is backed up and stored on the main server. These backups are kept for 5 days, and if something went wrong before the 5 days, there's a monthly restore point to fall back to. Disaster Recovery All our servers are equipped with RAID 10 (Stripe+Mirror), to ... Read More »

27th Mar 2014
Why Choose Frikkadel's DNS Hosting?

When deciding on infrastructure provisioning for a website, Domain Name Services should have the same importance as aspects like storage and web hosting, because the domain name system is the crucial connection between users and a business. The benefits of having sites and applications running on optimized and powerful infrastructure can be ... Read More »

3rd Feb 2014
Free DNS Hosting

Woop! Woop!, now offers FREE DNS hosting with your domain. We're all about saving you money and if our ridiculously low R9/month hosting plan is too expensive for you, or you simply want to point your brand spanking new domain to an existing other domain, you can now make use of our DNS services for FREE. Make sure you enable ... Read More »

26th Jan 2014
Enabled "Add Funds" functionality!

Here at, we're all about saving you money. When you know you're about to buy several domains or simply do not want to be bothered with paying the ridiculously low R9/month, you can now pre-purchase funds. Invoices will automatically deduct from this credit. Also brilliant when you do not want to trust that techie with ... Read More »

28th Nov 2013
New partnership with CloudFlare

Woot! Woot! In addition to getting the cheapest domains, you now also get super fast and secure hosting using CloudFlare! #frikkadel recently entered into a partnership with CloudFlare,  and as a CloudFlare Certified Partner, we deliver their simple and free solution to help protect and accelerate your website. Once your ... Read More »

20th Nov 2013
Multiple DDoS attacks

Yesterday and the day before, Frikkadel was the target of multiple DDoS attacks. The first attack started just after 8am on Wednesday and lasted for the better part of of the day, and the second one started around midday yesterday and lasted several hours.No reasons have been given for these attacks and no one has claimed responsibility as yet.Due ... Read More »

15th Nov 2013