Do I get e-mail with my domain?

E-mail is a service provided by our hosting packages. We can recommend starting with "Just the Sauce" for R9/month.


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How many templates are there to choose from in the hosting packages? Is a online shopping template available?

The templates are static HTML templates. In addition to the standard library of scripts,...

What do I get with my domain?

We provide free DNS hosting with every domain you register with us.  

How many e-mail accounts do I get your hosting?

As many as you want. We only limit our hosting on disk space. Everything else is unmetered....

Do you provide backups on my hosting account?

Backups Every day of the week, your entire account is backed up and stored on the main...

550 Access denied - Invalid HELO name (See RFC2821

If you are using Outlook Express (OE), Outlook, or Windows Mail, A HELO error ( 550 Access denied...